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Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatments at The Beauty Island are carried out by Aesthetic Group.

Aesthetic Group follow all guidelines laid out by the ACPB -the  Association of Cosmetic Practitioners of Britain,  and all their practitioners are fully trained in safety regulations and proper treatment procedures. Our aesthetic team is part of a UK-wide organisation, including England, Scotland, Wales and parts of Ireland. The lovely ladies on our team will walk you through the various steps of finding a treatment that’s right for you while putting you completely at ease during the process.

Here at the Aesthetic Group, our aesthetic team has made a wide variety of treatments available. We use only the most reputable and trusted products during our procedures such as Uma Jeunesse, so you can go into a treatment feeling fully confident of your results. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Botulonin Toxin Botulonin toxin can be used to give skin a firmer appearance and is typically used around the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, though it can be used elsewhere on the body.
  • Nytox Vampire Treatment This treatment uses a needle roller for collagen stimulation therapy to firm and tighten the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • PRP Injections PRP injections, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is used to assist clients in the healing process by providing pain relief in areas that have received treatment, such as during facelifts.
  • And many more! – Other services include anything from lip fillers to semi-permanent micro pigmentation treatments, with all being administered safely by our industry professionals.



Dermal Fillers for lip volume = £150 for ½ mil

Dermal Fillers for lip volume = £230 for 1 mil

Dermal fillers for lip boarder = £150 for ½ mil

Dermal fillers for lip boarder = £230 for 1 mil

Muscle relaxant Botox ®

Advanced practitioners

2 areas = £180

3 areas = £220

10 areas = £650

Lower Botox ® = £300

NYTOX vampire treatments = £200

Book a course of 3 for = £400 (recommended)

Rejuvenating skin peels = £60 per session


We will be running regular clinics so please call us on 01903 206954 to make your appointment


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