Up to 40% off for Bioslimming wrap! - The Beauty Island Up to 40% off for Bioslimming wrap! - The Beauty Island
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BYE BYE CELLULITE! Summer bodies are wrapped this winter!

SLIM, FIRM & TONE, with massive discount up to 40% off!


It has been proven that the Bioslimming Wrap redefines your silhouette, the effects of which are apparent after the very first treatment. It also significantly reduces the orange peel look.
Despite its English-sounding name, Bioslimming Wrap was conceived in the South of France. It works on cellulite, burns calories and accelerates weight loss. It also firms and tones, guaranteeing visible and above all, long lasting results. @bioslimming Bioslimming spectacularly reduces the appearance of fat cells in less than four weeks.
 op 3 AREAS TIGHTS, BUTTOCKS, STOMACH AND SAVE UP TO 40% from available courses:
Bioslimming courses available:
1. Three sessions of three areas – 10% off – £175.50
2. Six sessions of three areas – 20% off – £312.00
3. Nine sessions of three areas – 40% off – £351.00
Terms & Condition
Prices includes discounts. Single treatment cost £65. Offer available till end of April 2019. Limited spaces available, Course has to be pre booked and paid in full. Recommended one to two sessions per week.

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