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Simply put, a detox gives your body a real boost in its tireless campaign to keep you healthy. If you are feeling sluggish, irritable, and unable to focus, or if you are experiencing headaches, bloating, or skin breakouts, and just generally feel grotty, your body is trying to tell you something!

A detox can improve the digestion and liver functions, reduce inflammation, improve the skin and boosts energy levels. It is rather like giving your body an MOT so that it can run more smoothly. After our treatments you will emerge with a greater awareness of your mind and body.


Spa Menu

* Detox drink on arrival

* Private Spa Facility use with Microsilk and Colour therapy Hydrotherapy Pool & Herbal Sauna – 60 mins

* Wellbeing Teas and Fruit Juices

* Complimentary Soft Robe, Towel and Slippers

* Full Body Massage with Detoxing Scrub – 80 mins

* Injection of Youth – Spa Facial – 30 mins

Duration: up to 3hrs. 

Prices shown are per person:

Mon – Fri £130

Sat – Sun £145

Lunch available to pre order 24h before. Please chose from our menu: Lunch Menu

Detox Spa

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1x1.trans - Detox Spa1x1.trans - Detox Spa
1x1.trans - Detox Spa1x1.trans - Detox Spa


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