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It doesn’t matter if you like them straight and bold or arched and feathered, your eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature of the face. If you are dissatisfied with the ones you have you can update them with pencils, brow gel and even tattooing. But wait – now there is now a natural option that delivers semi-permanent results! Eyebrow Microblading!   

Now becoming a firm favourite with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Rhianna, Jessica Alba and many more, you too can have this wonderful treatment with our introductory offer (see below). 

The technique differs from tattooing as a special pen is used to drawn on individual strokes one by one.   It is a meticulous process that takes up to two hours to complete.   Since the results will last for up to three years before beginning to fade, you will be pleased that our technician pays so much attention to detail.   Our technician advises clients to be cautious of salons that claim to complete the process in one hour – it simply cannot be rushed! 

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All consultations with our Technician are free.  The scratch test can be performed at the same time. 

What is the scratch test? 

The scratch test is important to ensure that there are no allergies against the pigments used.  It takes few minutes to perform and is a slight scratch behind your ear.   The test must be performed at least 24 hours before the procedure (and is included in the price).   


The first step is to draw the shape with a removable pencil – the longest and most important step.  During this time, the best customized shape for every client is chosen and agreed.  Our technician works with the brow bone and the structure of the face to make sure the eyebrows are moving when you are making expressions and are on the right part of your face!   

Before the microblading begins, a numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anaesthetic.  You may feel a slight discomfort but the process is relatively pain free. 

Our technician does recommend a follow-up up to 5 weeks following your procedure. The healing process is different for everyone, and can take up to 30 days. After a month we recommend a 40-minute touch-up to most customers.” 

 All new procedures exclude a top-up. To make any final adjustments to the treatment areas we recommend a top up within 5 weeks).  On rare occasion some clients may require a third treatment to complete the desired look and this will cost from £50. 

Rest assured – Microblading is low maintenance.  After healing, you can rub them and even go swimming!  No special care is required except for a brief touch-up once a year.   

What does it cost? 

Microblading Eyebrows – £150 (currently an introductory offer) 

Top up £50 – (price for clients who have had a first application done with us)  up to 5 weeks after first procedure  

Top Up – price after consultation ( for clients who hasn’t had their first procedure with us) 

Deposit & Cancellation 

A non-refundable deposit of £50.00 is required on booking to secure the appointment.  We do require a 48-HOUR notice if a client cannot attend their appointment or wish to move it to another date.