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Massage & Holistic Therapies

Massage & Holistic Therapies Worthing

Why not try one of our relaxing massages to melt away any stress you may have stored in your body. The Beauty Island Sanctuary is a prime destination for a massage in Worthing, West Sussex because we have 3 beautiful candlelit double treatment rooms so you can enjoy a massage in Worthing with a friend or a loved one while relaxing to blissful spa music.




This deeply relaxing ritual perfectly accelerates the body’s regenerative processes. The combination of hot stones with the relevant manual massage techniques is beneficial for the tired, stressed body and mind. Natural base oil nourishes and tones the skin, while prolonged heat emitted by basalt stones reduces excessive muscle tension.

Duration: 30/60/80 minutes. Price £40/£65/£75


Classic massage is the best known form of massage and one of the most effective therapies supporting the body. During this massage the therapist will use several techniques on the muscles, ligaments, nerves and soft tissue all over your body. It is a great relaxing massage, restoring well-being and liberating the body’s natural energy. You receive a free gift of a candle of your choice when you take this treatment.

Time: 30/60/80 minutes, price £30/£45/£60


Exclusive care ritual, extremely relaxing both body and mind. Warm oil from the candle, consisting of natural waxes and an aromatic blend of essential oils, will leave the skin wonderfully hydrated, silky smooth and embraced with the fragrance for a long time.

Time: 55/80 minutes, price £60/£75


This is a fusion of techniques and sensations using a mixture of oils: where western techniques meet eastern philosophy resulting in a powerful fusion of amazing sensations and body healing results. Our Thai fusion massage is a combination of Thai traditional stretching, hot stone massage and manual massage technique. Harmonious movement stimulating the natural energy and vitality of the body.

Time: 60/80 minutes, price £70/£85


This massage includes, above all, technique with a predominance of intensive grinding and kneading to stimulate the deepest muscle groups. Strong warming up of the muscles, reducing their power and acceleration of cell metabolism promotes muscle regeneration and allows you to quickly recover after intensive physical activity.

Time: 30/60/80 minutes, price £40/£55/£80


Indian Head Massage is a deep style massage derived from the Ayurveda tradition that focuses on the head, shoulders and neck. The massage works to release any blocked negative energy in the body. An excellent massage for relieving built up tension after a long day.

Time: 30/60 minutes, price £25/£40


This unique massage using peppermint oil promotes a cooling sensation which leaves feet feeling especially cool and refreshed. The natural menthol helps combat odour-causing bacteria and also leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed

Time: 30 minutes, price £25


Bumps-a-Daisy New-Life

During pregnancy the Bumps-a-Daisy treatments are an excellent choice for expectant Mums. In-fused with a delicate sweet mandarin and soothing neroli, palmarosa and rosewood oil, they are combined with a natural sweet almond oil, to leave your skin feeling beautifully nourished. This ensures moisture is locked in whilst helping to keep stretch marks at bay. It also helps increase circulation and ease the effects of water retention, resulting in a more restful night’s sleep.

Duration: 30/60mins – £45/£55

Bumps-a-Daisy New Mum

Post-pregnancy massage restores the body shape and forms the skin tissues following pregnancy. A synergy of products that help regain tone, firmness and elasticity. Please note: All products and oils used in these treatments are completely safe during pregnancy and post-partum when breast feeding.

Duration 60mins – £55

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1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies

I take a massage each week. This isn’t an indulgence, it’s an investment in your full creative expression/productivity/passion and sustained good health.

Robin Sharma

1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies
1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies
1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies
1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies
1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies1x1.trans - Massage & Holistic Therapies