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NanoSmooth Pure System

Rediscover Your Hair’s True Potential!


The Nanokeratin System Smoothing Treatment is the UK’s leading Keratin smoothing treatment product. It is a revolutionary hair care management system designed to eliminate frizz, lock in colour and enhance shine. It creates a fantastic smooth blow dry that will last up to 12 weeks. The results clients experience are truly breathtaking and life-changing.

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You may have heard of Keratin hair treatments and Brazilian blowouts, but the latest taming trend to take the capital by storm is the NanoSmooth Pure! The NanoSmooth Pure is a chemical-free smoothing treatment created by Hare & Bone and Nano Keratin. The treatment targets the hair’s DNA, smoothing the internal structure of the hair instead of coating its surface, and according to its creators, making it 80% more manageable to maintain (something I can definitely vouch for). There are four variants of the NanoSmooth: Revive, Refine, Replenish and Refortify NanoSmooth Pure is similar to the original Keratin treatments, but it differs in terms of ingredients. Instead of containing higher levels of chemical that would form a layer of product over the hair, the NanoSmooth Pure is completely free of chemical gasses, formaldehyde and aldehyde. And results-wise, you not only get more movement and strength, but the results are immediate, with no washing or styling restrictions straight after the treatment.

* 0% Formaldyhyde * O% Aldehyde * 0% Chemical Off –



Eliminates Frizz

Repairs Damaged Hair

Reduces Blow Drying time by up to 80%

Allows Easier Styling of Hair

Enhances and Locks Colour into the Hair

Please Note: This This treatment is not included in the 50% offer for first time clients


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