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Fat Reduction Treatments

Sanctuary Spa Sussex

Ultrasonic Cavitation – Bioslimming – Body Sculpting

Do you dream of lying relaxing knowing that your body is burning calories & fat and when you get up your cellulite will be visibly reduced, any stubborn fatty deposits will be diminished and that you will be visibly slimmer, firmer and more toned? If your answer is YES then BIOSLIMMING , Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radiofrequency and Body Sculpting are the best treatments.

Our Fat Reduction page,  gives more information about the science behind all the available treatments reducing fat and tightening the skin. By Booking a free consultation at Beauty Island Sanctuary Spa you will receive best advise which treatments suits your needs. The consultation gives you the opportunity to ask questions about ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency, bioslimming or other our fat reduction treatments. It also gives us the opportunity to find out more about your requirements and goals.

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Cavitation is a non-surgical technique to eliminate localized fat through the use of low-frequency ultrasound. Ultrasonic Cavitation uses low frequency sound waves that penetrate through the skins surface at 40 KHZ. This pressure creates a friction motion between your fat cells which cause them to rupture and liquify. Its main advantage is that it offers the possibility of achieving the same results as liposuction, but without the need for surgery, so more and more people prefer cavitation as a painless alternative, without anesthesia and without leaving any sign or scar on the skin.


The ultrasounds of cavitation generate small bubbles in the fat cells that implode, causing the rupture of these cells that turn into liquid. The waste material is moved throughout your lymphatic system and it is disposed of by the body through sweat glands and urination. Cavitation also enhances the production of a natural enzyme found within our body, called Norepinephrine. This enzyme helps our body fight off stress.

A dozen 30-minute sessions per area (with an interval of three days between each one) are usually necessary to obtain appreciable results. After each session, drainage techniques (massage or pressure therapy) should be used to facilitate the elimination of fat cells and prevent them from being reabsorbed. Also, in order to eliminate fat and toxins, 1.5 liters of water should be drunk before and after each session. It is also advisable to follow a low calorie diet from days before starting the cavitation treatment.

Benefits of cavitation:

*Improves blood circulation

*Eliminates toxins and liquids when combined with lymphatic drainage.

*Increases the tone and elasticity of tissues, i.e., tones muscles.

*Helps regulate intestinal transit.

*Eliminates cellulite and orange peel skin.

*Improves skin elasticity and appearance.

* Activates collagen production.


Multipolar radiofrequency body treatment uses sound waves. it is a completely safe treatment as radio waves are present within the environment and we are exposed to them all the time. The waves are sent through a medium into the skin to simulate fibroblast cells to deposit collagen fibers. Collagen fibers form the scaffold for our skin, by doing this the health of the skin in the treatment area also improves.

The radiofrequency body treatment is quite relaxing and feels like a warm sensation, an exception to the no pain no gain terminology usually used in the industry.


Benefits of Radiofrequency:

* Skin laxity improvement (firms and tightens skin).

* Skin feels softer, more hydrated with vitality.

* Improvement in skin tone and texture.

* Diminishment of open pores for the weeks following treatment.

* Repairs red stretch marks and some other superficial scarring that can appear on the skin.

How does Body Contouring treatment work

Body contouring involves redefining the shape of various parts of the body and is more than just fat reduction. Here at The Beauty Island Sanctuary, we have spent years perfecting our protocols to give you that defined and toned appearance , by not just reducing fat , but also tightening the skin!

How does Biosliming body treatment Work

The Bioslimming wrap has a unique formula, combining four different creams and/or gels, all fused into one treatment. Each individual cream or gel has a lot of plant extracts, algae extracts, caffeine, hot and cold thermo agents, and pure essential oils.

These products have ingredients that are specifically picked to address different aspects of contouring and weight loss. They do many things to the body, such as handling the connective tissues, targeting fat cells and eliminating them in the system, and taking care of cellulite to diminish its prominence. Bioslimming allows you to target specific areas of your body precisely, such as the abdomen area, upper arms, and upper thighs.

Benefits of Bioslimming Body Wrap

This treatment is undoubtedly effective, with many people singing praises over its effects on their own bodies. Bioslimming body wrap continues to be marketed as a convenient and comfortable option for people who want to shed a few pounds to maintain their shapely contour.

One of the benefits of the Bioslimming body wrap is that it effectively makes you lose weight in a short time. According to most clinical trials, the Bioslimming body wrap has been shown to drastically decrease the prominence of cellulite and fat deposits by 67% throughout less than four weeks.

It is also attributed to an average loss of one to four centimeters per measured area and a reduction in the prominence of cellulite in the treated areas. This is perfect for people concerned with their cellulite, especially if they have to wear revealing clothing that will show off a lot more skin than expected.

Aside from that, it also slims and firms the skin on the treated area. It also contours and tones the location, which makes it tighter and firmer after the treatment.


Other benefit

*Softer skin after the treatment

*decrease in the appearance of thread, varicose, and spider veins,

*burned calories in about two hours or so, and an evident reduction in fluid retention on the treated areas.

 The results are also immediate, as you can already see the results after the treatment.

Part of the procedure is to measure your numbers before and after the treatment to see how much you have lost, and the results also last for up to 12 months in most cases

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