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WATERFALLS OF GOLD – Exclusive Moisturizing & Firming Facial

Waterfall of Gold treatment is a hands on treatment mainly targeted at a dry, mature skin which needs a pick me up of firming & regenerating. It is also extremely beneficial as a prevention at the earlier signs of aging who would like to reduce fine wrinkles and expression lines. Using only the highest quality of products containing Caviar, Colloidal gold & Micro collagen all working together to boost collagen synthesis, brighten & tighten your skin leaving you with a glowing complexion. After cleansing, gentle enzymatic exfoliation & removing with warm mitts your therapist will perform an anti-aging, contouring massage. Your skin is then embedded with a 24k gold serum followed by generously applying the 24k gold algae mask. Once removed, a second 24k gold cream leave-on mask is applied to your face & neck to, you are then pampered in a shoulder to scalp soothing massage.

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ESSENCE OF ASIA - Glowing Spa Facial

The Essence of Asia facial will quite literally have you feeling like you are in a cocoon of luxury & tranquillity. The Essence of Asia facial is internal glow restoring treatment which is suitable to all skin types, however it is recommended for a tired dull skin which is lacking its natural bright complexion. The Essence of Asia facial will it help to restore our skins natural barrier functions, whilst increasing moisture level and skin retention. The two main active ingredients in the products are Ginseng & Dongbeck oil which combined are full of amino acids, anti-inflammatory properties & antioxidants. The treatment will begin with a deep double cleanse of the skin to melt away all dirt using an oil cleansing balm, followed by gentle skin exfoliation removed with warm towels to have you feeling relaxed from head to toe. Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed, your treatment will be followed by a restorative massage with an luxurious oil enriched with brightening properties with an anti-oxidant algae mask to draw out any impurities from within the deeper layers of the skin- whilst your mask is working magic on your skin you will be swept away with a relaxing massage of your decollate, shoulders & scalp.

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Holistic massage techniques such as lymphatic draining are used to focus on your face, neck & head to remove any puffiness or blockages in your lymph nodes which may have occurred. Whilst relaxing your skin in this ritual, your treatment will be increasing your blood flow, collagen production and cell turnover which is beneficial for any skin type. Using only the highest quality oils to target deep hydration and nourishment of your 5 layers of your skin. Ylang ylang, rosehip & sweet orange use an aroma-therapeutic technology to leave your skin feeling supple with the added benefit of deep relaxation & soothing your emotions internally.

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Using intensive lifting massage techniques are used for people with visible signs of the passage of time. A combination of the applied techniques of contouring, smoothing & strong up-lifting movements, combined with anti-aging oils such as Rosehip, Vitamin A&E and Omega 3&6 will leave your skin feeling tightened and stimulated. Whilst feeling pampered to the nines, you are improving your complexion structure.

1x1.trans - Spa Facial Rituals

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