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SPA Pedicure

Spa Pedicure by The Beauty Island Sanctuary, Worthing, West Sussex – Duo benches in lovely spacious surroundings. Enjoy solo or with a friend or loved one!

Paradise for Feet – Regenerative & Refreshing Pedicure

A professional pedicure treatment aimed for healthy and beautiful feet! Active ingredients are urea, almond oil, green tea, mineral salt and lime. Lime & mint foot salt bath refreshes your feet and prepares them for creamy scrub with sweet almond oil. Foot mask with urea and lime extract regenerates and intensively moisturizes the feet, leaving them smoothed and refreshed. Paradise of feet pedicure is for all seasons, in winter and autumn when feet are enclosed in footwear, the active ingredients provide nutrition and oxygenate the feet. In the spring and summer feet are left refreshed, regenerated and the dry and cracking epidermis is hydrated. This pedicure strengthens skin, reduce sweating and will leave the impression of ” light feet” Pedicure includes nail conditioner.

Duration: 45 minutes; £30


PODO Expert Pedicure – Advanced Callus & Corn Softening Pedicure

The PODO Expert treatment consists of 4 specialized steps which have a targeted action to remove calluses. Pearls foot bath softens the epidermis prior to pedicure treatment, refreshes and relaxes the feet. Pumice, Lavender, Cypress and lemon peel in the smoothing foot scrub nourishes and lubricates epidermis and prepares skin to absorb active ingredients. Active ingredients of 20% urea and salicylic acid softens excessively calluses and corns. PODO Expert Mask regenerates and renewals skin feet, prevents the formation of corns and callouses, immediately moisturizes the skin of the feet, making it extremely smooth and soft. Pedicure includes nail conditioner.

Duration: 60 minutes; £40


PLEASE NOTE: Our Manicure’s and Pedicure’s do not include Colour Varnish, French Polish or Gel Polish.

Please add extra:

Colour Varnish: Duration 15 minutes; £5

French Varnish: Duration 15 minutes: £6

Gel Polish Colour or French: Duration: 15 minutes; £8

Extra Feet Hot Stone Massage – Extra 10 minutes; £6

Extra Feet Candle Massage – Extra 10 minutes; £8

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1x1.trans - Pedicure1x1.trans - Pedicure
1x1.trans - Pedicure1x1.trans - Pedicure


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