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 Baby Shower Spa

Being pregnant can have a big impact on your body and can be overwhelming both physically and emotionally.   We believe, taking care of Mum and bump is crucial – ensuring you take the time to rest and relax it vital during this exciting time!   The Natural Spa Factory has developed its pregnancy range, Bumps A Daisy – a wonderfully scented pregnancy body scrub, bath and body oil, and moisturizer which have been getting rave reviews!

Our package is designed especially for mums-to-be (and their friends); so what better way to celebrate a forthcoming arrival than a relaxing half day in our Spa?

Spa Menu


• Spa Zone with Hydrotherapy Pool and Sauna* – 150mins

• Complimentary Cupcakes for party

• Wellbeing Teas, Fruit Juices & Fruits

• Complimentary soft robe, towel and slippers


Spa Treatments: 30 mins per person 

Swedish Massage for Guests – 30mins

Bumps-a-Daisy Pregnancy Massage for Mum-to-be – 30 mins

Surprise treatment for Mum-to-be – 30 mins


Duration: 3 hours.

Price per person : Mon-Thurs £65; Fri- Sat £75


*Please also note pregnant ladies cannot use the Sauna. The temperature of the hydrotherapy pool will be lowered to an acceptable level for pregnant ladies.

Please note this packages is available for Group booking only – minimum 4 guests.


Also available:


* Lunch Menu

* Intensive Therapy – Mask for Hair executed individually in the Spa Zone for batter absorption in Sauna £10

* Bumps-a-Daisy products can be purchased from us for use at home at a 10% discount

* Wash & Blow Dry- up to 60mins £20 (this must be booked at the same time as the package)


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1x1.trans - Baby Shower Spa
1x1.trans - Baby Shower Spa1x1.trans - Baby Shower Spa
1x1.trans - Baby Shower Spa1x1.trans - Baby Shower Spa


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